Fight Poverty In Africa

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Join The Fight! is non-profit microloan organisation

Fight Poverty in Africa is a support site and a team on Kiva!

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Fight Poverty with Micro loans

Fight Poverty with Micro loans

Microloans are small loans of 25$, with low interests perfect for people in low economic regions. Kiva let us lend to persons of our own choice, working with what we might find...

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Some of our Fighters: has over 1 million lenders...

One of the founders of Fight Poverty in Africa.

“I’ve been active in Kiva since 2009 and I love it!”

Bill Clinton is a member of Kiva.

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Doris Soyian

Doris Soyian


  • Student 100%
  • Loan Repaid 5%


Maize reseller. kiva loaner

  • Loan: 2100$ 100%
  • Reseller 100%